Monday, February 22, 2010

Social Web Breaks Barriers, Influences Development

In todays Internet the Social Web is the hot topic.  Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and many more.  These have provided us as humans a level of connection that breaks down the barriers of distance and allow people to interact on much more of a global scale.  The real time communication is disrupting the traditional flow and management of information that many governments are finding to undermine their structure and giving power to individuals that may or may not use the new found power for the benefit of the many.

This power transfered to the individual can be good and it can be bad.  Now compared even to 10 years ago it is easier for an individual to start a movement to combat domestic violence.  In contrast it is also easier for an individual create PR havoc or create political barriers to what they think is objectionable even if the majority feel otherwise.  I encourage you to flex your individual thought and to analyse the statements being made.  Do not just follow the pack or individual on an issue.  Do your research and form your own opinion.

Questions for Thought and Discussion:
What does this mean for the future of humanity's development?  What is the potential of change of the world's political systems as more people come online and are exposed to views that may not be of the censored sort that their limited access to information has shown them?  How will the power the individuals with thousands or millions on social networks influence our society's development?

These questions above I pose to you to discuss below (I doubt there are any readers).

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