Sunday, March 13, 2011

My SI ASB 2011 at The Adler Planetarium Week Wrap-up and Reflection

The School of Information's Alternative Spring Break has come to a close.  I had such a great time volunteering at Adler Planetarium.

Following my last update midway through the week my project took a turn for the worse... just kidding.  Actually Debbie B. and I worked on revising the survey for larger audience distribution and looking to add qualification questions for non visitors as well.  We previously conducted our survey with Google Doc Forms and for the large distribution after we left they wanted to use SurveyMonkey... needless to say Google's method was much easier to input the questions and arrange them.  SurveyMonkey caused headaches left and right and took a combined effort to find out where it was messing up and rearranging our logic.  It took 6 hours to get straight due to errors within SurveyMonkey and their logic handling/auto rearrangement.

Reflection and Thoughts:
Now that a week has passed I have had a chance to reflect upon my experience at Adler.  I not only received the opportunity to lend my skills to a worthy organization I met and bonded with some people at the School of Information that I did not see regularly.

The Alternative Spring Break experience is not only a great way to give to an organization where an individual can make a real impact, but a place where one gets the opportunity to share memories with classmates.

I would definitely participate again and I plan to support it in the future.

Support Future ASB Programs:
If you feed inclined to donate to help support this opportunity for more students to participate in more volunteer opportunities at nonprofits in Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, and New York make a donation via my Crowdrise account raising funds for the program: Make a Donation

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